Ankur Nagpal Reports $45,000 Purchase Price for – More Sales Revealed, Too

In October, I wrote a DomainNameWire article about Ocho, the newest startup from entrepreneur Ankur Nagpal, who previously sold his online course platform Teachable for $250 million.

Ocho, which operates on the domain name, is a new brand that helps business owners to build wealth through financial products, plus some educational resources.

Recently, Nagpal took to Twitter to share what he paid for According to the tweet, the figure was surprisingly low,

Nagpal suggests that he paid $45,000 for in 2022. For a strong, short domain name like, that figure seems low, especially when looking at NameBio’s list of domain sales for 2022 which includes domains such as,, and, which all sold for $45,000, too, in 2022.

Without specific evidence of the $45,000 price, the acquisition of may not be charted at DNJournal, but it’s an interesting metric nonetheless.

The tweet from Nagpal has sparked a host of other entrepreneurs to respond with the prices they paid for domain names. In the thread so far, sales disclosed include for $100,000, $25,000 for, around $35,000 for, for $65,000, and for $150,000 on a three-year payment plan.

Thanks to @vmny on Twitter for the tip.

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