Brent Oxley’s Recent Purchases, Part 1 –,, and More

Entrepreneur turned domain investor Brent Oxley has built one of the most highly sought-after domain portfolios in existence, spending millions of dollars to secure some of the Internet’s best names.

Recently, Oxley has added to his portfolio by securing these five domain names.

This five-letter, single-word domain was added to Oxley’s portfolio earlier this year with the domain moving from a privacy-protected account. currently holds a minimum offer value of $300,000 at Oxley’s Efty-powered marketplace.

For years, this name was owned by the same person, but in 2022 the domain moved into Oxley’s possession. The domain holds a minimum offer value of $350,000 at, but the domain is currently redirecting to an parked page.

This four-letter .com domain now sits alongside other four-letter, single-word names in Oxley’s portfolio such as,, and, a powerful generic domain, was acquired by Oxley from long-term owner Jim Bowen for an undisclosed fee., which now holds a minimum offer value of $130,000 at, was acquired by Oxley in 2022 from the domains former long-term owner, who themselves own more than 1,100 domain names, according to DomainIQ.

This is, without doubt, one of my favorite domains that Oxley has ever secured. represents one of the best e-commerce domain names possible., another ultra-premium e-commerce name, was snapped up by an end-user in late 2020. holds a minimum offer value of $600,000. has value as a single-word .com domain that has connections to the cannabis space. The domain was previously owned by Farmhouse Inc., who reportedly sold the domain to Oxley for $165,000.

This phenomenal, category-defining domain name was picked up by Oxley in 2022., which was once developed as a destination for all things relating to the seafood industry. It now holds a $950,000 minimum offer value at Oxley’s own marketplace.

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