Confirmed: Was Acquired for $240,020.16

Entrepreneur Andrew Gazdecki launched the company acquisition marketplace MicroAcquire in 2020, and since then, it’s safe to say that his business has taken off.

Gazdecki’s MicroAcquire has facilitated over $500 million in startup deals, connecting over 150,000 entrepreneurs to more than 120,000 buyers.

Recently, Gazdecki secured a domain name that will serve the company well for years to come. Alongside the new domain, MicroAcquire will drop the “Micro” from its brand name to become Acquire, operating on

This week, following an appearance on the DomainSherpa Off the Market Forever podcast, which I co-host alongside Jonathan Tenenbaum, Chris Zuiker, and Matthew Zuiker of MediaOptions, Gazdecki confirmed the exact price he paid to secure

In total, including all brokerage and registration fees, Gazdecki paid $240,020.16 to purchase the domain name. Gazdecki privately shared full verification of the acquisition price for with me. The deal closed in October 2022.

If this deal is charted by DNJournal, it will rank as the 25th-largest domain sale of 2022 so far.

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