Educating Buyers: End User Interviews

The major driving force of the domain name market is end-user interest. Without end-user purchases, there wouldn’t be a domain name industry as we know it.

Therefore, educating as many founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs on the benefits of a good domain name is something that all domain investors can profit from.

A resource that you may want to share with end users you encounter is the vast number of interviews I’ve performed with end-users.

More specifically, these are interviews I’ve performed with CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs that have acquired valuable one-word .com domains for their businesses. However, these interviews aren’t purely designed for investors selling one-word .com domains.

The sentiments and general information about the benefits of acquiring a better domain name can apply to any end-user looking to acquire a premium domain.

Some interviews appear at NamePros, but most recently, I’ve been working with Media Options to produce a series called “On the Record,” chatting with end-user buyers. Some of my favorite interviews include:

These, and all of the other interviews I’ve performed, can act as valuable resources during domain negotiations as real-life case studies showcasing the benefits of a great domain name.

Elsewhere, there are valuable end-user interviews on the DomainSherpa network (including an Off the Market Forever episode with Charlie Bullock of, and Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire has hosted dozens of end-user buyers on his podcast, including a chat with the CEO of Gravity Forms, which acquired earlier this year.

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