Lore Launched in October 2022 With Lore.com

Entrepreneur Nathan Lands launched a new AI brand in October 2022 called Lore. Lands, who has a history of building businesses in the art, cryptocurrency, and gaming industries, has created Lore as a multipronged project focusing on artificial intelligence.

Lore provides a weekly newsletter highlighting AI art news, which has hundreds of subscribers already, according to Lands’s Twitter account. The company also offers a creative agency to help businesses to use AI within ads and content.

Why am I highlighting Lore? Quite simply, the company launched on the ultra-premium Lore.com domain name. It looks as though Lands has owned Lore.com for several years, using the domain for various projects such as developing an NFT marketplace and creating a “Github for movies.”

The power and versatility of this generic, single-word domain name mean that Lands has been able to pivot from business to business while using the same domain name.

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