Static Media Acquires After Previous Owner Rebrands

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Smartie, a company that used to be known as until it rebranded to Smartie, picking up in the process.

After acquiring in 2017, The Tiki Tour Group developed a brand around the domain name, stating in a press release at the time, “ carries greater recognition globally, with ‘Explore’ you think, adventure, journey, discovery, already you associate with travel.”

In mid-October 2022, the company announced its rebrand to Smartie. At the time, I speculated that had been sold, which could have been the reason for the sale. The domain name did indeed sell. was acquired by Static Media, a media company that operates a wide array of content-centric websites and brands, including Looper, Mashed, and The List. Static Media, which owns and operates, uses domains such as,, and to host some of its brands.

The company, which has a total monthly audience in excess of 170 million, has acquired to host a brand new site entitled Explore, which offers a wide array of articles related to travel. Details of the acquisition haven’t been disclosed, but Static Media is pumping money into its new brand, currently advertising 9 new job openings for freelance writers for

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