Top Domains Owned by,, and More

Despite selling domain names such as,, and within the past couple of years, Ltd. owns some of the most desirable domain names in a portfolio it has been building for many years. Here, I’m highlighting seven of the best domain names from’s portfolio.

VR, an initialism for “virtual reality,” is an industry that is expected to reach a market size of $12.19 billion in 2024. Brands such as Meta’s Oculus have been innovating in the virtual reality space, with more funding pouring in to other companies for technology development, too. Aside from its close ties to virtual reality, holds significant value as a rare two-letter .com domain.

Four-letter, common English words make for some of the best brand names.,, and are just three examples of prominent companies using four-letter domains. is a versatile name that could be used within a number of different industries, and is one of many four-letter English word domains that holds. Others include,, and

Finance domain names have always been hot property, and investment-related domains are extremely popular. The shorter has traded multiple times for seven-figure fees, while and are both developed. provides a premium destination for brands looking to dominate in a competitive market. could have a couple of different meanings. The most obvious is the structure in the human body that fits together two parts of the skeleton. As a medical name, it could provide plenty of value, alongside other potentially medical-related names that owns such as and The other definition that springs to mind describes “joint” as “a rolled cannabis cigarette.”

Another ultra-premium finance-related domain in’s portfolio is Registered in 1997,’s clearest connection is to finance, but the term could be adopted by various other industries. A look through LinkedIn shows numerous companies in different industries branding around the term “Borrow.”

The versatility of the top one-word .com domains is something that is so appealing about this asset class. That is evident with Crunchbase shows that companies in industries such as advertising, professional services, and home appliances all use “Kitchen” as their brand name. In 2021, sold for $84,100, which is now being used by a project communication platform.

Category-defining domain names make up some of the strongest names of’s portfolio, but is a defining name for dozens of categories! Registered in 1993, is likely to be one of the most valuable domains owns.

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