Top Domains Recently Purchased by Braden Pollock

Legal Brand Marketing founder and DomainSherpa regular Braden Pollock has amassed a portfolio filled with hundreds of the most desirable domains in existence.,, and are three domains that give a hint at the quality of Pollock’s portfolio, which is available to browse at his LegalBrandDomains Efty marketplace.

The entrepreneur is continually adding to his portfolio, and here are ten of the best domain names he has picked up in 2022. is an incredible finance-related domain name picked up by Pollock in 2022, defined as “the amount of money someone is paid.” The domain was previously used by a San Francisco-based startup, but moved into Pollock’s portfolio in early 2022.

Pollock owns a number of top educational domain names, such as and Recently, he added to his portfolio. Crunchbase and LinkedIn suggest there are dozens of companies that would benefit from upgrading to this domain.

Another top education domain name that Pollock added to his portfolio in 2022 is Semester, defined as a period of “instruction into which an academic year is often divided,” is often used, especially in the US education system.

One of my favorite domains that Pollock has recently acquired is Registered in 1995, represents a generic, idyllic domain name that looks to have been secured from its long-term owners, a web and design agency called Digital Lagoon.

This three-letter, single-word domain represents the shortest single-word domain that I can find in Pollock’s portfolio. Similar short domain names have been adopted by many leading brands, such as Gem (, and would certainly fit a brand looking to stand out.

Excel, defined as being “exceptionally good or proficient,” makes for a great one-word .com., which was mentioned by Pollock on a DomainSherpa show, was previously registered to Texas-based Excel Telecommunications before moving to the Legal Brand Domains portfolio.

Despite the competition for four-letter, single-word .com domains thanks to their status as some of the most sought-after digital assets for both investors and end-users, Pollock’s lists an impressive eleven that he owns. Those include,, and

Recently, Pollock added to his portfolio. The domain was previously registered to Connected Ventures, a former media company that operated 90s brands such as CollegeHumor.

Jubilee, defined as a special anniversary of an event, is also a term used in a few different religions. The word is used as a brand name by multiple companies across a wide range of industries. was acquired by Pollock in 2022.

Trees can make for excellent brand names. From the payment and engagement platform Cedar ( to the popular VC Sequoia Capital, trees can make for versatile names appropriate for multiple industries.

Sycamore is no different, and a cursory look at Crunchbase shows dozens of companies using the Sycamore brand name.

Despite selling for $250,000 in August 2022, Pollock still owns several common first names, including and Pollock recently secured several first-name .com domains,,, and

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