Sells for $79,444 Here’s the Story

Efty’s co-founder, Doron Vermaat, has revealed another high value domain name sale from his own portfolio.

Following on from sales such as for $60,000 earlier this year, Vermaat has confirmed to me that he has sold the domain name for $79,444

The initial inquiry for the domain came through’s Efty-powered landing page. The inquiry came with an opening offer of $50,000, which was declined.

Vermaat accepted a follow-up offer of $70,000, just $5,000 shy of the domain’s original asking price. The sale of was closed using GoDaddy, with the buyer paying the $9,444 commission to GoDaddy for its services. GoDaddy was used at the request of the buyer.

The current identity of the buyer is unknown as the name is under Whois privacy protection at NameCheap.

The sale of will rank as the fourth largest publicly disclosed .io sale of 2022, ahead of Braden Pollock’s sale of for $75,000.

A previous version of this article contained the typo $74,999 rather than the actual sales price of $79,444. 

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