I Have Joined GoDaddy – Here’s Why

If you have read DomainNameWire recently, you’ll know that I have decided to join GoDaddy as the company’s first-ever domain name industry community manager. It’s a departure from my role as a writer, and many of my readers may naturally have questions about this move. The obvious being, why has James joined GoDaddy?

It’s difficult to write this article without sounding twee, but essentially, I love the domain name industry, and I love to contribute to the industry. From my 800+ articles on the NamePros blog, to my work with MediaOptions, DomainSherpa, DomainNameWire, and DNAcademy, I’ve always tried to provide information and educational material to help domain investors.

Helping domain investors is something that drew me to GoDaddy. Anyone in the domain industry will be aware of the power of GoDaddy. Domain investors likely interact with the company every day. Whether that is buying domains through closeouts and auctions or managing domain sales on Afternic.

Despite this, domain investors have had no specific point of contact within GoDaddy to help with issues, provide information and insight, or give feedback to help improve products. That is, until now. My role with GoDaddy will hopefully provide a bridge between the company and the domain industry.

I will continue to write, and I will continue to contribute to the domain industry. Now, though, it’ll be done wearing a pair of lucky GoDaddy socks. As of writing, I am brand new to the role and to GoDaddy, so it will take me some time to get up to speed. However, it would be great to connect with domain investors either through Twitter, @jamesiles, or via email:

JamesNames.com will remain an independent domain blog. It will not be part of GoDaddy.

13 thoughts on “I Have Joined GoDaddy – Here’s Why”

  1. I have almost 600 domains at godaddy, our community probably has thousands of domains at godaddy and in two years we have never had a representative answer a question or participate. As a Canadian registrar godaddy is one of the only bigger Canadian registrars not participating on https://dn.ca. We have a special representative designation and would love to have you on board.

  2. Congrats James! Really can think of a person better to represent domain investors as a liaison than you.

    I echo the sentiment on premier services. I used to have a great rep. She was promoted to a new position a few years ago, then I had an incident where a domain in my account was listed in someone else’s Afternic and sold. It was fast transfered and I was only aware after notification the domain had left my account. My new account rep, for one, couldn’t understand the issue, then was unhelpful and dismissive when she did seem to understand. Just directing me to Afternic. After much back and forth for a few days it was resolved, but since then I really haven’t wanted to deal with my account rep. I requested to be assigned to another rep but that never happen. Now I just don’t contact her, and let her calls go to voicemail. I almost moved all of my domains to another registrar after this experience.


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