Top 7 Domains Owned by PA Gordon:,,, and More

Philip Gordon is a domain investor that I don't know much about, but last month I came across his name twice in two days, firstly discovering that he sold in early 2020, then he sold in May 2020.

I started to wonder about Gordon's other domain names, and it turns out that he has a highly valuable portfolio. According to DomainIQ, he owns around eighty names, all .COM's that were registered in the late '90s. Here, I've picked my top names from his portfolio.

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My Previous Sales… Where Are They Now?:,, and More

Have you ever looked back at your previous domain sales to see how they're currently being used? While the focus should usually be on the future, curiosity has got the better of me and so today I'm taking a look back.

I've chosen a handful of my favorite domain names that I've owned and sold to see what they're being used for now. If you do find this interesting, please let me know and I'll do it again with a few other investors who have sold better domains than myself.

Plato Design Rebrands to Aesthetic, and

Browsing through Crunchbase can have some unexpected results. While doing some research for another article, I was looking through a list of recently funded companies when I saw "Aesthetic (formerly Plato Design). What stood out to me was the fact that the company had managed to secure the use of the premium domain name.

Founded in 2018, Aesthetic started life as Plato Design a name that, according to the company, was expected to be temporary. The name Plato came, as you might expect, from the Greek philosopher and his theory of forms, which inspired Plato Design's founders.

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