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Top 8 Domains Owned by Branded Holding Group

Branded Holding Group is a company that you may have come across if you've ever done any research into two-letter, or one-word .COM's. Founded...

Leo Radvinsky – Another Venture Capitalist That Loves Domains, Namely Leo.com and LR.com

In the past, I've featured Paul Graham and Jason Calacanis on this blog. Two famous venture capitalists who recognize the part that domain names...

August, 10 Years Ago: Lottery.net for $220,000 and More. Where Are They Now?

I think a lot of lessons can be learned from the past, which is why I'm having a sporadic look back at the same period of time, ten years ago. This time, I'm looking back at a few of the big sales from August 2010. 

5 Ways to Contact the Owner of a GoDaddy-Registered Domain After the CCPA

In April 2020, GoDaddy announced that they would be removing public WHOIS information. In a statement given to Elliot Silver of DomainInvesting.com, GoDaddy said that"Due to changing privacy regulations in the U.S. and around the world, GoDaddy is in the process of making some changes to align our offerings similar to what we did in GDPR regions."

Top 5 Domains Owned by Companies Associated With Garrett Camp: Mix.com, Eco.com, and More…

Garrett Camp is one of the most notable figures of the modern business age. The billionaire Canadian entrepreneur founded StumbleUpon, and more notably, co-founded Uber where the majority of his wealth came from. Since leaving Uber, Garrett has created numerous startups and helped many more through his Expa incubator.This article was inspired by a tweet from Garrett Camp in 2019, in which Camp reeled off a number of supreme domain names of companies he was involved in. Here are some of those domains.

6 Things You Can Do With DomainIQ

Operated by the owners of Estibot, DomainIQ is a set of tools that were created to give users detailed information on a particular domain name, the registrant, and more. The data from DomainIQ helps numerous industry professionals and blogs to delve deeper into domain names.There are other suites of tools available from providers such as DomainTools, but the DomainIQ toolset is the focus here. In this article, we look at six things that you can do with a DomainIQ account.