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After Getting $106,769 for VanInsurance.co.uk, the Seller Wants $150,000 for VanInsurance.uk

Yesterday, GoDaddy released its first domain sales list in five years. It's a significant moment for a publicly listed company to willingly disclose data...

Top Domains Owned By Brent Oxley (2020 Edition): Broker.com, Document.com, and more

Back in 2002, Brent Oxley founded HostGator whilst studying at Florida Atlantic University. During his decade in charge of HostGator, he built the customer base to over 200,000 clients and employed over 500 members of staff. After selling HostGator to Endurance International Group in 2012 for $300 million, Brent turned to domain names as investments.He has owned and operated services on domains such as Realty.com, Texas.com, RX.com, and Help.com, but today, we're looking at the top domains from Brent's portfolio that he has listed for sale at Oxley.com. Incidentally, if you have a chance, have a look at Brent's full portfolio that he has listed for sale. It's incredible to think that he has amassed this portfolio in the last five years.

My Previous Sales… Where Are They Now?: GrabFood.com, Pen.co, StayCool.com and More

Have you ever looked back at your previous domain sales to see how they're currently being used? While the focus should usually be on the future, curiosity has got the better of me and so today I'm taking a look back.I've chosen a handful of my favorite domain names that I've owned and sold to see what they're being used for now. If you do find this interesting, please let me know and I'll do it again with a few other investors who have sold better domains than myself.

Cannabis Delivery Company Amuse Launches on Amuse.com

The legal cannabis business is now a multi billion dollar machine. Since the legalization of cannabis in many US states, businesses have popped up to take advantage of interest and demand.

Domain sales based around cannabis have also been rife with names such as Kush.com selling for $500,000, and Extract.com selling for a reported $300,000.

Top 8 Domains Owned by Branded Holding Group

Branded Holding Group is a company that you may have come across if you've ever done any research into two-letter, or one-word .COM's. Founded by Roland Chemtob, Branded Holding Group is notable for owning some of the best names on the planet. The group looks to have sold some domains including Chief.com and possibly RG.com and Wonder.com, but they still own a vast number of premium names.

Here is my pick for the best names listed as owned by Branded Holding Group.

6 Things You Can Do With DomainIQ

Operated by the owners of Estibot, DomainIQ is a set of tools that were created to give users detailed information on a particular domain name, the registrant, and more. The data from DomainIQ helps numerous industry professionals and blogs to delve deeper into domain names.There are other suites of tools available from providers such as DomainTools, but the DomainIQ toolset is the focus here. In this article, we look at six things that you can do with a DomainIQ account.