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Interview: AbdulBasit Makrani on His 6 Month Afternic Experiment

Six months ago, domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani made the decision to move his almost four thousand domain portfolio from Uniregistry landing pages to Afternic to see whether the established Afternic platform would help to increase sales.Every month at NamePros, AbdulBasit has been open about his experiences with Afternic, publishing his sales data for all to see. Since AbdulBasit is six months into his experiment, I took the opportunity to chat with him about his Afternic test, and some wider-ranging topics to do with domaining.

An Interview With Ron Jackson of DNJournal

Since 2003, DNJournal has been at the heart of the domain name industry, providing verified facts and figures pertaining to domain sales on a weekly basis. Some of those sales figures have broken into the mainstream, as DNJournal has been cited as a source in the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and even BBC News.The driving force behind DNJournal is Ron Jackson, who created the site after seeing the need for the domain industry to have its own "trade publication". Thanks to his background in media and broadcast journalism, Ron was able to succinctly present the facts to a growing industry.