Dave Evanson Sells Memento.com for $148,000

Sedo's Dave Evanson has a history of recording six and seven-figure sales. In 2020 along, he has sold names such as Profitable.com for $200,000, and ElectricCar.com for $180,000. Today, Dave has announced another one-word domain that he's sold for a six-figure fee.

The domain is Memento.com, and it was sold for $148,000 according to a tweet from Dave

After Rebranding from Perch.com to Orchard.com, Is Perch.com Being Ditched? This Would Suggest It...

Back in May, I shared the news that Orchard had acquired the exact-match Orchard.com domain earlier in the year, upgrading from OrchardHomes.com. On the surface, that looks like a straight forward domain upgrade that we've seen many times before.

However, as we scratch away the surface, there's a more complex story that unfolds. Orchard originally started life as Perch, operating on the PerchHomes.co domain name until June 2018 when the company looks to have started using Perch.com. The company thrived, raising $250 million in funding between 2018 and the end of 2019.

Who Said It: Jason Calacanis on Calm.com

In my series "Who Said It", I'm going to look at the origin of famous domain-related quotes. Today, we start with one of the most famous angel investors in the world, who also happens to know a good domain when he sees one.

Jason Calacanis made his name as the founder of Weblogs Inc, and later Mahalo.com. He also owns domain names such as Inside.com and ADay.com. Despite being known as an angel investor, Jason has also made seven-figures from selling domains, since Jason sold the domain 20.com for $1.75 million, eleven years after purchasing the name for $75,000.

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Orchard acquires Orchard.com After Rebranding from Perch.com

In 2017, Court Cunningham and Phil DeGisi founded Perch, a company that acted as a marketplace for buying and selling homes. After starting out...

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Giuseppe Graziano Launches LMX.com

Liquid domain name broker Giuseppe Graziano, the founder of GGRG, has announced that he is launching a new service. Developing from his LXME platform...

Facebook Acquires Rooms.com for Messenger Rooms

Facebook has spent millions of dollars on domain name purchases. From the two-letter .COM, FB.com, for $8.5 million to Facebook.com itself for $200,000 as...