Gaucho Acquired for $34,999, Plus $39,600 in Stock

A traditional domain sale involves an upfront payment to acquire the domain name outright. However, there are plenty of cases where upfront payment isn’t feasible or appropriate for either buyer or seller.

In these cases, alternative payment methods come to the fore. Offering stock options is one such alternative payment method.…

$162,000 Buyer Revealed

In April 2021, domain marketplace Sedo sold for $162,000, marking one of the largest .co sales of the year. According to NameBio, the sale of also ranks as the third-largest publicly-disclosed .co sale of all time.

For months, the identity of the buyer was unknown.… – The Worst NFT at the Best Domain

Legendary domain investor Rick Schwartz is no stranger to a seven-figure domain deal, with deals including for $8,888,888.88 and for $3 million.

Schwartz has only ever sold a handful of his domain names, declining most offers that he receives. One offer that he negotiated and ultimately agreed upon was a multi-million deal for…

Startups founded in Q4 2021. What domains are they using?

In the fourth quarter of 2021, running from October 1 to December 31, 802 companies and solopreneurs added projects to Crunchbase, one of the largest databases for startup and established company data. Fortunately for this article, Crunchbase data includes domain names, which meant I was able to take a look at the type of domain names startups used in Q4 of 2021.…