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Report: Enemy Eyewear Acquired Enemy.com for Just $43,000

As an end-user, how much would you expect to pay for a premium one-word .COM domain name? In Enemy’s case, it took just $43,000 to acquire Enemy.com.The price of this name was disclosed by Aaron Marino, the founder of the Enemy sunglasses who may be familiar to some readers as YouTube personality Alpha M. Alpha M has amassed over six million subscribers for his channel which is mainly focused on men's fashion, health, and lifestyle.

Did MD.com Sell Last Month?

It has been well established that two-letter .COM domains hold significant value for both investors and end-users. Thanks to their scarcity, their ability to instantly instill trust in visitors, and their global appeal, two-letter .COM's are commonly thought to have at least a mid-six-figure valuation.Of course, some names are worth more than others. One of the most valuable could be considered to be MD.com, the abbreviation for a Doctor of Medicine (Medicinae Doctor). The domain had long been the jewel in the crown of the Anything.com portfolio, which also contains names such as Friend.com, Squad.com, and Woman.com.

Brent Oxley’s Latest Purchase: Compliment.com

Hostgator founder turned domain investor Brent Oxley has acquired a new domain name to add to his collection of stellar one-word, two-letter, and three-letter .COM’s. That name is compliment.com.

In comparison to some of Brent’s other names such as Broker.com, Create.com and VT.com, this name may not rank as one of his best, but it’s still a versatile name that has positive connotations and possible commercial use. It is, however, easily misspelled. I for one had to double check the spelling, not mistaking it for “Complement.”

5 Resources to Educate Domain Buyers

DNJournalComparable sales are one of the best ways of supporting your domain's asking price. In a similar way to real estate, having recent similar sales data can offer buyers some needed guidance.

This Month 10 Years Ago: XYZ.com for $50,000 and Overstock Bough O.CO for $350,000

Every month, I'm publishing a brief look back at some of the most notable sales of the equivalent month from ten years ago, as...

NAS.com Reportedly Sells for $720,000

We haven't had a seven-figure sale so far this year, but we may just have a new contender for the number 1 sale of 2020 so far.

According to a NamePros post just published by member "Keith", the domain name NAS.com was just sold for $720,000.

According to WHOIS, the buyer is from China.   As of publishing, I haven't received independent verification of the sale, so this is a report of a NamePros post at the moment.

If it is verified, the name will rank as the largest sale of 2020 so far on DNJournal's chart, beating the previous incumbent, OA.com ($614,940) by some margin.