Reports $100,000 Sale of

The third publicly-disclosed six-figure .IO sale has been reported by Behind Andrew Rosener’s MediaOptions’ $175,000 sale of, there are now two $100,000 reported sales of and now

Among recent sales at, a marketplace and drop catching service for various domain extensions, we can see sales such as…

$148,134 Buyer Revealed

At the end of March 2021, the domain name expired. Why was this significant news? The name was previously owned by Microsoft, who used the name as part of the MSN Shopping brand. did enter the pendingdelete phase and subsequently dropped.… Rebrands to Oda, Acquires

Norwegian grocery retailer has made a conscious effort to move away from the Kolonial/Colonial brand name in anticipation of expansion beyond Norway.

According to manager Karl Munthe-Kaas, “I was tired of starting all international presentations with the fact that we were not colonists.”…