8 Black Friday Domain Industry Deals

Black Friday. The period of overwhelming consumerism is here, and the domain industry has some offers that may be tempting for readers. Here, I’ve compiled eight offers from registrars and other domain industry companies that may be worth your while.



DNAcademy, the accelerated learning platform created by Michael Cyger, is offering $100 off the full DNAcademy course, plus some bonuses:

A copy of Yogi Solanki’s ebook, entitled “Domain Outbound Marketing” A standard pass to January’s NamesCon Online event Access to two DNAcademy-only valuation sessions during NamesCon Online A Zoom holiday meet and greet for Black Friday registrants.…

Brent Oxley Sells Stereo.com

Hostgator founder Brent Oxley has sold another one-word .COM. After confirming that Brent has sold Uno.com and Micro.com in lease-to-own transactions this year, it’s come to light that Brent also sold Stereo.com in an outright sale a couple of months ago. This was confirmed to me by Brent.…

Design Pickle Acquires Pickle.com

Founded in 2015, Design Pickle is a graphic design company with a difference. Instead of hiring an in-house graphic designer or a freelancer to work on visuals, Design Pickle matches you with a vetted professional designer to work on your projects.

Today, I can reveal that Design Pickle has just acquired the Pickle.com…