Brent Oxley Sells

Hostgator founder Brent Oxley has sold another one-word .COM. After confirming that Brent has sold and in lease-to-own transactions this year, it’s come to light that Brent also sold in an outright sale a couple of months ago. This was confirmed to me by Brent.…

Design Pickle Acquires

Founded in 2015, Design Pickle is a graphic design company with a difference. Instead of hiring an in-house graphic designer or a freelancer to work on visuals, Design Pickle matches you with a vetted professional designer to work on your projects.

Today, I can reveal that Design Pickle has just acquired the… Looks to Have Sold – Asking Price Was $700,000

Founded in 1992, Zee Entertainment is one of India’s largest media companies. Traded on the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India), Zee is purportedly¬†amongst the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming in the world.

Up until recently, Zee has been operating on…