5 Options for Selling Domain Names

How do you sell a domain name? Every day, thousands of domain names are bought and sold. There are different ways to sell your domains, depending on your goals. Here I’ve listed my five leading options for selling domain names.



There are several leading domain name marketplaces that are popular with domain investors and individual domain owners to help sell their domains.…

Why I Acquired Retoucher.com As an End User

To most outside the domain industry, domain names are dull. They’re necessary for creating an online presence, but the general population doesn’t care much after that.

I’m hoping this will help me gain a professional advantage.

Away from the domain name industry, I am a retoucher.…

What is Your Best Buy of 2021 So Far?

The arrival of April 2021 also signals the beginning of the 2nd fiscal quarter of the year. The 1st quarter has brought about plenty of domain name sales. DNJournal, for example, already lists 38 domain sales of $100,000 or more. In comparison, DNJournal lists 53 sales of $100,000 or more for the whole of 2020.…