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The Sales Roundup, GoDaddy Special: Why Ingles.com Sold for $400,000, and More

Last week, I published my first "GoDaddy Special" edition of The Sales Roundup, from the recent list of GoDaddy-facilitated sales that the company disclosed. In this...

The Sales Roundup: Why ElectricCar.com Sold for $180,000 and More…

My (almost) weekly series "The Sales Roundup" aims to give you a little bit of an insight into why a selection of domain names sold for the prices that they did. As domain investors, we constantly see sales data but we don't necessarily dive into the data to see why certain domains sell for the prices they do.Learning why domains sell for certain prices can help to educate us in order to set better expectations for our own domains.

The Sales Roundup: Why BTI.com Sold for $100,000, and More…

In my Sales Roundup this week, I'm taking a look to find the stories behind four sales from DNJournal's weekly chart covering sales from February 10th - 16th, 2020. As always with The Sales Roundup, we're looking to find out why each domain name may have achieved the price it did. 

The Sales Roundup: Why BettingTips.com Sold for $150,000 and More

In my Sales Roundup this week, I'm exploring the stories behind five domain sales listed in DNJournal's sales chart from March 4th, 2020, finding out why domains such as Palace.com, BettingTips.com, Gravity.net, RealCraft.com, and Modena.com sold for the prices they did. 

The Sales Roundup: Why Winemaker.com Sold for $100,000 and More

In my sales roundup this week, I've chosen five sales from DNJournal's May 13th, 2020 edition of its weekly chart. I'm going behind the names to find out exactly why certain domains sold for the prices they did. This week, I've chosen Louise.com ($15,000), Boycott.org ($15,000), Winemaker.com ($100,000), Tasawoq.com ($18,000), and FWW.com ($35,000). 

The Sales Roundup: Why Therapists.com Sold for $91,183, and More

The Sales Roundup is a weekly insight into why certain domains sell for specific prices. We see tonnes of data every day, and it's often very difficult to understand why a certain domain sells for a certain amount.In my Sales Roundup, I'm looking at the story behind five domain sales that were listed on the DNJournal chart, published on May 13th, 2020. Those five names are Therapists.com, UHR.de, Cappuccino.com, Searcher.com, and WI.de.