Mike Mann Announces $39,888 Sale of BloodBalance.com

Domain investor and founder of DomainMarket.com, Mike Mann, took to Twitter on Saturday night to announce his latest significant domain sale, that of BloodBalance.com...

Brent Oxley Adds Marina.com to His Portfolio

Hostgator's founder has acquired another stunning premium domain. This week, I chose my top ten domains from Brent's current portfolio at Oxley.com, but it...

Meredith Sold the Money (Money.com) Brand for $24.9 Million

Let me start by saying that this isn't listed by Meredith as a pure domain name sale, so it wouldn't be eligible to rank on any domain sales charts. 

Founded in 1972, Money is a personal finance brand that thrived under the ownership of Time Inc. The brand smartly acquired Money.com in the early Internet era, but it took until 2014 for a dedicated Money.com website to be established.

Naturally, with an asset like Money.com, the website soon proved to be a hit, growing its traffic steadily over the course of the past six years, with the domain and overall Money brand both included in the $2.8 billion acquisition of Time Inc by Meredith in 2018. Unfortunately, though, this wasn't deemed a key title and Meredith seemed keen to sell the Money brand, following Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated out of Meredith's door.

Banks.com Sold for $1.3 Million via Sedo

Late last week, investor George Kirikos revealed that Delta.com had sold in July 2000 for $2,125,000, a sale that was found thanks to the revamping of the SEC's full-text search, which allows searches of filings dating back to 2000.

George prompted other industry participants to help discover more deals (details are available on how to do that by going here), and so I found another seven-figure domain deal that confirms a 2006 acquisition.

After $74 Million in Funding, Mirror Looks to Have Acquired Mirror.com

Founded in 2016, Mirror is a connected fitness system that streams live and on-demand classes to users at home by using a mirrored display. The company has become very popular, with Mirror receiving $74.8 million in funding to date, with $34 million added during their Series B funding round in October 2019.

Despite their popularity and wealth, Mirror was operating on the Mirror.co domain, using the domain as one of the company's main hub for attracting new users to its service.

Brent Oxley Adds Motivate.com and HealthSpa.com To His Portfolio

Brent Oxley's acquisitions are something that I cover a lot on James/Names. I've previously blogged about his acquisition of Invite.com, and his acquisitions of names such as Sand.com earlier in the year.

I cover his purchases because they're usually significant premium .COM domains acquired for at least five to six-figures. In a matter of years, Brent has amassed a portfolio of some of the best domains on the planet. He has managed to compile this portfolio thanks to the money he received when he sold his hosting company, HostGator for $300 million.

Brent Oxley Acquires Invite.com

HostGator founder turned domain investor Brent Oxley has a portfolio packed with ultra-valuable .COM domains. From Broker.com to Create.com, Brent has paid a significant...

Domain Sales from May 2010: Where Are They Now?

A trillion-dollar stock market crash occurs, and planes are grounded. Sounds familiar? This may somewhat mirror current happenings around the world, but this is what happened in May 2010. A trillion-dollar stock market crash occurred over 36 minutes and things were slowly returning to normal after flights were grounded in much of the world after Eyjafjallajökull erupted in Iceland.

In the domain world, Verisign hosted the "25 Years of .COM" gala where Aron Meystedt was recognized as the owner of Symbolics.com, the first .COM ever registered.

I think it's often interesting to look back at the past to see just how much as changed, and how much has stayed the same. From a domain perspective, it's also fascinating to see what has happened to domains since they were sold. So, here are some notable sales from ten years ago in May 2010, and what has happened to those domains since. These sales come courtesy of DNJournal's archive, and domain history data is courtesy of DomainIQ.

After $112 Million Funding Round, Stash Acquires Stash.com

On Saturday, I tweeted that there had been some activity on the valuable Stash.com domain after the name moved statuses. It seems like I...

RedX.com: The $59,777 Buyer is Revealed

Last week, the domain name RedX.com sold for $59,777 at an expiration auction at GoDaddy, leading many investors to speculate who the buyer is....