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After $112 Million Funding Round, Stash Acquires Stash.com

On Saturday, I tweeted that there had been some activity on the valuable Stash.com domain after the name moved statuses. It seems like I was right in thinking that the domain name may have been on the move!

RedX.com: The $59,777 Buyer is Revealed

Last week, the domain name RedX.com sold for $59,777 at an expiration auction at GoDaddy, leading many investors to speculate who the buyer is. At such a high sales price, many assumed that the new owner is an end-user. Those assumptions are correct.The WHOIS details for the RedX.com domain name have now changed to show the new owner is Green Seed Technologies, an incubation company based in Utah. One of Green Seed's most prominent brands is REDX, a piece of real estate software that has proved a hit amongst brokers.

Facebook Acquires Rooms.com for Messenger Rooms

Facebook has spent millions of dollars on domain name purchases. From the two-letter .COM, FB.com, for $8.5 million to Facebook.com itself for $200,000 as an upgrade from TheFacebook.com (a decision immortalized by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network, telling Zuckerberg to "drop the 'the'"). Aside from those two names, the company has purchased Messenger.com, Parse.com, and Internet.org for undisclosed fees.It seems that the company has added to its spending by purchasing the one-word .COM domain Rooms.com, discovered by myself on Twitter, and first reported in the media by Elliot Silver's DomainInvesting.com.