The Ultimate Guide to Domain Names

Domain names can be a difficult subject to grasp. They’re everywhere, but how do you register one? How do you acquire a domain from someone that already owns it? What if you have a valuable domain but you have no idea how to sell it? What if you want to become a domain investor?

My name is James Iles, I’m the publisher of james/names, a domain-centric blog that covers all things domain names. I’ve worked with leading domain industry sites and companies such as Media Options, DNAcademy, and NamePros. I’ve also been referenced as a source on domains in outlets such as TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and The Verge.

Having immersed myself in domain names for several years, I have built up a pretty good knowledge of domain names. What have I with this knowledge? I’ve put it all into a domain name guide that’s available in different sections below.


Buying Domain Names

What is a buyer broker, and how can a domain buyer broker help me acquire a domain?


Selling Domains

A list of domain name brokers to help you sell your domain

Domain Sales Data

One word .COM domain sales in 2020

Recent two-letter .COM domain sales

Recent three-letter .COM domain sales


Portfolio Owners

Who is Digimedia? Can I buy a domain name from them?