Who Is Digimedia? Can I Buy a Domain From Them in 2022?

If you’ve ever typed a short, one-word domain name into your browser at random, the chances are high that you have come across one or more domain names owned by Digimedia LP. If you’ve ever seen a webpage like this, you’ve visited a Digimedia domain:


Digimedia is a specialist in web development and domain names. Since the 1990s, Digimedia has amassed a portfolio consisting of some of the best domain names in existence. They have also on occasion developed out their domain names, with an example from Digimedia’s website being PeopleFinder.com.

The company is operated by Scott Day and Jay Chapman from offices in their native Oklahoma.

Domains Owned by Digimedia

Digimedia has built a portfolio of domains consisting of several thousand premium .COM names. Each domain is either set aside for development or is receiving ad revenue from on-page display ads.

Some of the best domains owned by Digimedia currently include:

  • Bed.com
  • Inn.com
  • Dark.com
  • Read.com
  • Cook.com
  • Dress.com
  • Marry.com
  • Euro.com
  • Signal.com
  • OU.com

This list could go on for pages, but you can get a sense of the quality of the domains currently owned by Digimedia. These are highly desirable domains, and it should be no surprise that the company likely receives hundreds of purchase inquiries per week.

The rate of inquiries is somewhat of a guess, but that would be in line with the number of inquiries that other large domain portfolio owners receive. Many inquiries to domain names, in general, are likely not serious, and usually result in no action being taken. With a portfolio of several thousand of the Internet’s best domain names in its portfolio, Digimedia could be inundated with inquiries, despite the fact that the domain’s landing pages do not show any indication that Digimedia domains are for sale.


Can I Buy a Domain From Digimedia?

From my research, none of Digimedia’s domain names are actively listed for sale, so on the surface, you’re unlikely to be able to acquire a domain name from Digimedia. I found no trace of the company’s domains at major marketplaces such as Sedo, DAN.com, or Afternic. Again, on the surface, it doesn’t look like Digimedia is interested in selling.

Delving deeper, we can, however, reference a handful of previous sales from the Digimedia portfolio which may give you an idea of how difficult it is to get Digimedia to part with one of its domain names.


In 2011, the owners of the Internet company Box paid close to $1 million to upgrade from Box.net to Box.com. Digimedia owned Box.com, and it took a couple of years of communication for Box to end up acquiring Box.com. The acquisition was profiled by CNET.


Insurance brand Cover opened with a $250,000 offer for Cover.com, which was immediately rejected. Digimedia reportedly countered with $1 million. Ultimately, Cover agreed to acquire Cover.com for a total of $825,000 including brokerage fees for the brokers they hired to help with the acquisition. This acquisition was detailed by Cover’s founder Karn Saroya in the Entrepreneur’s Handbook.


B2B brand Bees, created thanks to a partnership between drinks companies AB Inbev and subsidiary Ambev, boasts 900,000 monthly active users in 11 different countries. Bees has been operating on MyBees.com and associated ccTLDs for the first two years of its existence, but now the company has performed a significant upgrade by switching to Bees.com. The company acquired the domain from Digimedia for an undisclosed fee.


Other names reportedly sold by Digimedia include:

  • Scale.com
  • Column.com
  • Deep.com


So, the short answer is – you may be able to buy a domain name from Digimedia, but it will certainly cost you a significant amount. From the small data sample of sales made by Digimedia, it seems that a budget of close to $1 million may be required to prise one of Digimedia’s best domains away from them. Of course, I have no knowledge of Digimedia’s business practices, expectations, or internal decisions. I can only report on what has been publicly revealed.

Other domains that Digimedia has likely sold include Float.com, Fair.com, Scale.com, and Noon.com. There are no details that I can find regarding pricing for any of these domain sales, but given the sales prices of Cover.com and Box.com, it’s safe to assume that these four sales mentioned above may be in the six-figure range, too.

Judging from this data, it seems that Digimedia does sell domain names on occasion, but it looks to be a very rare occurrence.

How would you go about acquiring a domain from Digimedia? I would recommend the services of a domain name buyer broker. Top domain buyer brokers will have an existing relationship with portfolio holders such as Digimedia and will be in a better position to advise you on submitting a potential offer.