$175,000 SmartWallet.com Buyer Revealed

Digital asset investor Andy Booth recently announced that he sold the domain name SmartWallet.com for $175,000.

The deal was reportedly closed without the buyer and seller speaking or negotiating, with SmartWallet.com’s new owner preferring to pay a BIN price of $175,000 instead.

Following the sale, Booth disclosed that he thought the buyer was the co-founder of HubSpot, a publicly-traded marketing, sales, and customer service software developer with a market cap of $12 billion.…

$30 Million Voice.com Launches as an NFT Platform

In June 2019, the domain name Voice.com set records by becoming the largest publicly-disclosed domain sale of all time.

The name, sold by software company MicroStrategy, was purchased by Block.one for $30 million in a deal brokered by GoDaddy.

Originally, Voice.com was home to a blockchain-based social network, but in May 2021, the company shut its social network venture and announced it was pivoting to an NFT platform.…