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Giuseppe Graziano Releases the Q3 Liquid Domains Report – $13.36 Million in Escrow.com Sales

Giuseppe Graziano is the founder of GGRG domain brokerage and LMX.com, the liquid domain marketplace. Every quarter, he releases a liquid domain report in conjunction with Escrow.com and Intelium. This 17th edition of the report focuses again on the 614,928 domain names that make up...

After Getting $106,769 for VanInsurance.co.uk, the Seller Wants $150,000 for VanInsurance.uk

Yesterday, GoDaddy released its first domain sales list in five years. It's a significant moment for a publicly listed company to willingly disclose data like this, and it's only going to help the domain industry in the long term. This Saturday, I'm going to do...

How Do We Break the Domaining Echo Chamber?

Over the last six months, I've reduced my social media usage significantly, but over the weekend I did see a thought-provoking tweet from NameCorp founder, Alan Dunn: reason why I paused @domainstories and relaunching a new podcast shortly. Hats off to @andrewrosener for his interview...

Data Driven: Unicorn Upgrades – When Did They Happen? – Part 1

Unicorns. Aside from being mythical creatures, the term unicorn is also used to describe companies. In particular, privately held startup companies that are valued at $1 billion or more.

Most unicorn companies don't start out by owning their best, exact-match .COM domain name. When a company starts its life, domain names aren't necessarily a priority, so many opt for lesser names. Lesser names could include a prefix word (such as "Get" or "Try"), or they could be an alternative extension to .COM (such as .CO or .IO).

On their way to becoming a unicorn, many of these companies paid the sometimes vast amounts of money needed to acquire their exact-match .COM domain.

Peach.com Domain Sells – Brokered by MarkMonitor

On Monday, the premium domain Peach.com underwent a registrar transfer, moving away from corporate provider MarkMonitor to Dynadot.

Those of you who have visited the Peach.com domain over the past couple of years will no doubt be aware that the name has been up for sale for quite a while. A blog post from Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly indicates the name has been for sale since 2018.

Cannabis Delivery Company Amuse Launches on Amuse.com

The legal cannabis business is now a multi billion dollar machine. Since the legalization of cannabis in many US states, businesses have popped up to take advantage of interest and demand.

Domain sales based around cannabis have also been rife with names such as Kush.com selling for $500,000, and Extract.com selling for a reported $300,000.