Afternic Beta Gets a Mobile Version

GoDaddy’s Afternic marketplace has long been a popular destination for domain sellers and is responsible for thousands of sales per year. While the marketplace is a go-to for domainers, the design of the marketplace is in need of some renovation.

Behind the scenes, GoDaddy has been reinvigorating the Afternic platform and has offered a public beta program for some time, allowing Afternic members to use the latest beta features.…

Keolis Buys for New Brand

Keolis, a multinational public transport group has launched a new entity, Hove. The company managed to secure its exact-match .com, too.

The multi-billion-dollar French company, with more than 68,500 employees, announced the creation of Hove in a press release in March 2022. According to the press release, Hove will be “dedicated to the design and deployment of digital tools to boost shared mobility.”…

MediaOptions Brokers Sale of to Logan Paul

Brokerage company MediaOptions, responsible for deals such as Zoom’s acquisition of, Amazon’s purchase of, and Elon Musk’s reunion with

Now, it has another name to add to its sales list,

This one-word domain was acquired by YouTube star Logan Paul for his upcoming ’99 Originals project, which features 99 photos taken on 99 days from Paul’s life, starting last August.…