New Company Sustainable Management Acquires

Sustainability. One of the most prevalent topics of the past few years.

Businesses and consumers alike are focusing more on sustainability, with many companies looking for ways to produce products and produce in a sustainable manner.

Funding for businesses tackling sustainability is growing, too. Redwood Materials, a battery recycling startup that makes electric vehicles and sustainable materials, recently raised $700 million. Generate Capital, a sustainable infrastructure company, surpassed Redwood’s round by raising $2 billion in venture funding recently.

In short, sustainability is a hot topic that is attracting attention from businesses, consumers, and investors. It goes without saying, then, that the domain name is valuable.

Up until recently, was listed for sale with an Efty landing page, by its owner, Worldwide Retailing LLC.

However, I recently noticed that the name has been acquired by Sustainable Management Inc., a new company that uses global data sources to produce a list of the world’s most sustainable companies. As of writing, manufacturer Owens Corning tops Sustainable’s list of the most sustainable companies.

According to WHOIS, has been acquired with the help of, suggesting that the company may have acquired the domain via a payment plan or lease-to-own option. No details of the domain’s sale have been disclosed.

For a company called Sustainable that produces sustainability data, I cannot think of a better domain name to launch on than

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