After Rebranding from to, Is Being Ditched? This Would Suggest It Is

Back in May, I shared the news that Orchard had acquired the exact-match domain earlier in the year, upgrading from On the surface, that looks like a straight forward domain upgrade that we’ve seen many times before.

However, as we scratch away the surface, there’s a more complex story that unfolds. Orchard originally started life as Perch, operating on the domain name until June 2018 when the company looks to have started using The company thrived, raising $250 million in funding between 2018 and the end of 2019.

Unsatisfied by the thought of continuing as Perch, the company’s founders decided to pivot to the brand name “Orchard”, and rebranded without owning, a name that they secured a couple of months later.

With Perch now Orchard, and the company using, you may be asking – what is the fate of The name has been redirecting to, but we may be about to find out its long term fate.

According to WHOIS history, the domain may have been acquired on a payment plan. Just before Orchard (then Perch) started to use, the name transferred to an holding account:

The use of an holding account is often (but not exclusively) associated with domains that have been sold on a payment plan, whereby maintains ownership of the domain whilst payments are being made for the domain. The domain quickly went into WHOIS privacy protection, where it has been up until this week.

Yesterday (July 8th), WHOIS history shows that was again listed as being in’s holding account, but it was also pending a transfer:

This movement was spotted by Jamie Zoch on Twitter. Given the evidence, was likely acquired under a payment plan using, and when Perch rebranded to Orchard, the company likely decided that owning was no longer of interest in the long term, especially considering the fact that they acquired another premium name,

This is speculation, but I’d expect to see now transferred back to its original owner, and it may well be on the market again soon.

If that is the case, there may be plenty of potential buyers for the domain. Crunchbase lists at least sixteen different companies using Perch as a brand name.

Update, 14th July 2020: is no longer associated with Orchard, and it looks like control has reverted to the original owner. The domain now holds a parked page.

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