Data Driven: A List of Companies That Have Upgraded to a Premium .COM

Domain name upgrades are fairly common, but there are very few resources available with a specific list of companies that have upgraded their domain.

I have compiled a small database of verified domain name acquisitions since 2017 (along with their prices when I can). This database acts as a resource for anyone who needs it.    

wdt_ID Company Name Previous Domain New Domain Price Paid
1 Razer Unknown
2 Purple $900,000
3 Sumo $1,500,000
4 Cover $825,000
5 Squeeze $150,000
6 Draft Unknown
7 Pillow Unknown
8 Hay Unknown
9 Freedom Mortgage $2,000,000
10 Knockway Unknown

If you have any more one-word .COM domain name upgrades or rebrands that I’ve missed, please comment below and I’ll add them in.


Further Reading

It’s valid to ask why some companies opt to upgrade their domain names, which is why I have partnered with domain brokerage company Media Options to create a series called “On the Record”, in which I interview CEOs, entrepreneurs, and company representatives to discover why organizations are willing to pay six, seven, or eight-figures to acquire a certain domain. Here are some of those interviews:

Note, some of the upgrades mentioned in the table above may not be outright purchases. They may be leased, or on a payment plan.

8 thoughts on “Data Driven: A List of Companies That Have Upgraded to a Premium .COM”

  1. Absolutely brilliant article, Iles. There’s several others including (prev., ( to .com). Sure many others too.

  2. When I was at Tuft & Needle, we acquired Our biggest competitor (Casper) went from to went to for $1.5m (Noah Kagan’s startup).

    My buddy’s startup went from to


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