Bulk Powders Acquired Bulk.com and Rebranded to Bulk

Since 2006, Bulk Powders has been one of the most successful nutrition brands in the UK. As a major participant in the potentially lucrative sports supplements market, its two founders Adam Rossiter and Elliot Dawes have managed to grow the business into a team of over 240 people.

According to a Startups.co.uk article from last year, the founders turned a £6,000 loan into a £10 million brand. The brand has also recruited ambassadors including boxer Anthony Joshua.

Recently, Bulk Powders has undergone a transformation. Gone is the BulkPowders.co.uk domain name, to be replaced by Bulk.com and a sleek new brand identity, ditching Bulk Powders for the stylized bulk™.

The name change was confirmed in a statement from Bulk’s website:

2020 was our most exciting year to date with the launch of our new brand identity under  bulk™ and domain change to bulk.com. This project was years in the making and each member of staff has worked very hard to make it happen. We couldn’t be more proud of this incredible journey.

The domain name, according to DomainIQ, was acquired by Bulk Powders from domain investor George Kirikos in a deal that looks like it took place in 2019.

NameBio lists one previous sale for Bulk.com, with the name changing hands at a T.R.A.F.F.I.C auction in 2007 for $100,000. George’s name displayed on the WHOIS data shortly after this sale. A 2009 blog post by Ring founder Jamie Siminoff seems to suggest that the asking price was $800,000. Ten years on, that asking price was likely significantly more.

I emailed George Kirikos to confirm the sale, but I received no reply. This could be due to a non-disclosure agreement, or he just didn’t want to talk about the deal! WHOIS data, along with information from Bulk’s website all but confirms the sale, though.

After 14 years as Bulk Powders, the company may have been feeling like they were outgrowing the brand name. Rebranding to Bulk.com allows the company to expand its operation beyond powdered sports supplements, offering vitamins, food, and generally breaking the confines of the “Powders” moniker.

The investment in the domain and rebrand was likely substantial, but by owning Bulk.com, the company essentially owns the “Bulk” keyword online.

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