UserLeap Rebrands to Sprig, Uses Gagan Biyani’s Domain

The product research company UserLeap has undergone a brand transformation, three years after the company was formed.

Up until now, UserLeap has seemingly fared well for the company. Using that brand name, it has attracted $58 million in funding and has onboarded clients such as Adobe, Square, and Dropbox to name just three.

Now, though, UserLeap has rebranded to Sprig amid the launch of an all-in-one product research platform, expanding on its previous product offering. Alongside the rebrand, Sprig has also switched to the domain name.

This isn’t the first time that has hosted a startup. Back in 2013, Gagan Biyani launched Sprig, an on-demand healthy food delivery service that raised $56.7 million in funding. It closed its doors in 2017, but Biyani held onto the valuable domain name.

Biyani, who launched his latest startup, Maven, on this year, tweeted about UserLeap’s rebrand to Sprig:

Extremely proud to see the new Sprig. Ryan is an outstanding entrepreneur that I’ve gotten to know over the last 12 months and I decided to invest in the new Sprig vision.

Whether the domain was part of Biyani’s investment in the new Sprig is unclear. When contacted, Gagan Biyani was unable to disclose details of his Sprig investment.

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