2 Years After Uzi Nissan Died of COVID, Nissan.com’s Famous Web Page Disappears

Nissan.com is perhaps one of the most famous, or infamous, domain names on the Internet.

In 1994, Nissan Computer Corporation’s founder, Uzi Nissan, registered the Nissan.com domain name, a registration that brought about a lengthy legal battle with Nissan Motors, a Japanese multinational car manufacturer.

Uzi Nissan registered Nissan.com to “computer hardware, computer maintenance, networking, computer training and other consulting services related to computers” and 2 years later, he also registered Nissan.net.

In December 1999, Nissan Motors filed a $10 million lawsuit against Nissan Computer Corporation citing cyber-squatting, trademark infringement, and trademark dilution.

According to Jalopnik, the two Nissans spent 8 years battling in the courts for the Nissan.com domain name. Ultimately, Uzi Nissan won the case in 2007 and Nissan Motors adopted NissanUSA.com for its US-based website.

Uzi Nissan used Nissan.com to share the story of the Nissan.com lawsuit, a case that was covered in international media outlets.

The Nissan.com website


Now, though, the Nissan.com website has disappeared entirely, replaced with a simple landing page containing an @nissan.com email address.

The change, which looks to have happened in May 2022, comes almost 2 years after Uzi Nissan died from COVID-19 complications in July 2020. A request for information sent to info@nissan.com was unfortunately ignored since I’m interested to know why the famous lawsuit page was taken down.

It’s interesting to note, though, that another Uzi Nissan-owned domain, Digest.com, has recently been listed for sale. It’s highly unlikely that Nissan.com will be put up for sale, but I’m wondering whether the Nissan.com domain may quietly pass into the hands of Nissan Motors in the future.

2 thoughts on “2 Years After Uzi Nissan Died of COVID, Nissan.com’s Famous Web Page Disappears”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this time next year, Nissan(.)com is owned by Nissan Corp.
    The economy is officially in recession to start Q3 2022.

    Nissan(.)com is 7-8 figures easy.

    Likely, Nissan Corp. spent millions trying to steal the URL; what is 8 figures to them?


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