Top Domains Owned by Mark Cuban in 2022:,, and more…

Entrepreneur and media personality Mark Cuban, currently worth an estimated $4.3 billion, has a real penchant for purchasing premium domain names. Aside from his mainstream ventures such as owning the Dallas Mavericks, and appearing on Shark Tank, Cuban has compiled a collection of valuable names.

Mark made headlines in November 2019 after confirmation that he acquired the domain name, with The New York Times quoting Mark as saying that he bought it “to make sure someone didn’t do something crazy with it.”

Aside from, Mark owns several highly valuable .COM domains, which we’re going to look at in a little more detail.

We start with the aforementioned Once rumored to be running as a third-party candidate for the 2020 election, Mark Cuban has toyed with a political campaign on several occasions and maintains an interest in politics. The domain seems a perfect fit for his portfolio, then. used to act as the base for a social platform where politicians could connect with supporters, but after it shut down, the domain was due to be auctioned off on the Heritage Auctions platform with a $300,000 minimum bid.

That is until Mark Cuban came in. Within minutes of contact, the purchase was agreed, and the auction canceled. Neither party has revealed the purchase price, but The New York Times quotes the seller as stating Mark’s purchase price was above the auction’s minimum bid price of $300,000.

A strong sales-based domain is next on our list. Outbound sales is a popular form of proactive selling, usually involving cold-calling or cold-emailing. Billion-dollar companies such as Salesforce were built to help sales reps with outbound efforts. There are also plenty of companies using the “Outbound” moniker.

It looks as though Mark Cuban acquired this domain in mid-2012, but his company has never made use of the domain further than redirecting it to Mark’s online shop.

Another succinct one-word .COM owned by Mark Cuban is It’s also another domain that Mark acquired in 2012, this time from a high-tech business consulting company based in New Mexico. is a highly versatile name that could be developed in sectors such as law or education in particular. is listed as being owned by an email address belonging to “Mark Cuban Companies”, but the domain is registered to First Place Internet Inc, and redirects to a parked page. Nonetheless, this is a highly valuable name that is malleable enough to be used within many industries. This name would certainly be at home in the cryptocurrency or blockchain industries, where ledgers of transactions and transaction IDs are commonplace.

Mark Cuban can truly say that he owns a valuable .COM! was acquired by Cuban in 2016 for an undisclosed fee after the domain sat almost dormant for many years. Unfortunately, the name is still dormant as Mark’s company has the domain parked as of writing.

A similar domain,, recently changed hands for a confidential amount.

The last domain of Mark’s that we are highlighting is, a powerful economics domain name with undertones of politics thrown in. Global government spending in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic has seen the word deficit used daily by media and politicians as they look to reassure the public.

If Mr. Cuban is looking to start a political campaign, using to highlight the current government’s economic track record could be a potent tool in his digital arsenal.


To recap….

The top domains owned by Mark Cuban are:


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  1. He owns some powerful domains. I own not because of Mr Cuban but because I an Cuban American and at the time I thought it was a cool domain to own.


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