Efty Partners With Saw.com to Provide Users With a Domain Name Brokerage Option

Efty, a leading domain name portfolio management provider and domain marketplace, has announced an epic partnership that should be beneficial to its users with the aim of generating more domain sales.

In a November blog post, Efty announced that it was working on integrating a domain name brokerage platform into Efty in order to allow Efty sellers to assign incoming leads, inquiries, and offers to an experienced domain name broker to handle.

Today, Efty has announced that the company is going to partner with Saw.com in a closed beta program, allowing participants to assign leads and offers to Saw.com’s brokerage team in return for a 15% commission.

Saw.com was founded in December 2019 by top industry brokers Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz. Combined, they have been involved in over $400 million worth of domain sales, including Gabriel’s sale of Sex.com for $13 million in 2011.

When asked for a comment on this new partnership, Efty’s co-founder, Doron Vermaat, said:

“Experienced domain brokers can increase your ROI and Efty’s partnership with Saw.com provides our sellers with easy access to an industry-leading brokerage team at the click of a button. Jeffrey Gabriel’s experience in building one of the largest and most successful brokerage teams at Uniregistry gives us the confidence that Saw.com is well-positioned to handle a high volume of leads andĀ convert them into successful transactions for our sellers”

Saw.com co-founder Jeff Gabriel is equally enthusiastic, saying:

Excited. That is the only word that comes to mind when thinking about this partnership. Only great things can happen when we combine the industry-leading technology we have in Efty with our growing team of well-trained, experienced Domain Brokers at Saw.com.

You can check Efty’s blog for details on how to apply to be a part of the closed beta program.

Professional domain name brokers can be a useful ally on an inbound inquiry. Handing leads to a broker can ensure that follow-ups are diligently carried out, and a broker’s sales skills can help to close deals at a higher sales price than you may have been able to do alone.

Those investors with little time to work on their sales leads may benefit, as well as anyone struggling with a language barrier.

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