Hero.com Buyer Revealed

In July 2020, NameCorp founder Alan Dunn discovered that the incredible Hero.com domain name had been sold, and shared that news on Twitter. There was, naturally, speculation on the sales price, but there was also some speculation as to who bought the domain.

For almost a year after its purchase, Hero.com pointed to a basic “Coming Soon” page, with few clues as to the new owner’s identity aside from the fact that the new owner may have been from China.

The former Hero.com landing page

The domain’s new owner has now been revealed as Hero Entertainment, a popular Chinese gaming company that received $288 million in investment in 2016 alone. According to CBInsights, “Hero Entertainment is mainly engaged in the development and management of e-sports game products as well as organizing and promoting mobile eSports competitions. The company is also a mobile game developer, distributor and publisher in China with a footprint that includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.”

Hero.com has only recently started hosting Hero Entertainment’s main website, but it’s likely that the company will ultimately transition away from its other sites, YingXiong.com and HeroGames.com towards simply Hero.com.

The Hero.com domain sale was brokered by Mark Daniel of Domain Holdings.

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