Diagnose.com and Instruct.com Sold for Six-Figures Each

It has been confirmed to me that Michael Cyger, founder of DNAcademy, sold two domain names earlier this year for six-figures apiece.

Those two names, Diagnose.com and Instruct.com, were both acquired by Brent Oxley in a private transaction.

Oxley, who is the founder of the Create.com hosting company, added these two names to his growing portfolio of one-word .com domain names that includes names such as Broker.com, Hybrid.com, and Athlete.com.

While we now know that both names sold for six-figure fees, the exact sales prices for both Diagnose.com and Instruct.com have not been made public at this time. It is likely that these were low-six-figure purchases from Oxley, possibly in the $100,000 to $150,000 range based on his previous acquisitions.

Instruct.com now has a minimum offer value of $400,000 at Oxley’s Efty marketplace, and Diagnose.com has a $300,000 minimum offer value.

The sales of Instruct.com and Diagnose.com in the six-figure range represent a high wholesale or a low retail valuation. The fact that these were six-figure purchases is a testament to the strong market for one-word .com domain names that we’re currently seeing.


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