$400,000 WorldClass.com Buyer Revealed

In August 2021, Braden Pollock revealed that he sold the domain WorldClass.com for a fee of $400,000. The six-figure sale is just one of many closed by successful investor Pollock, with others including Q.org for $500,000, Overview.com for $400,000, and Packet.com for $350,000.

Pollock reportedly acquired WorldClass.com for $75,000 just over four months before selling it for $400,000.

For months, WorldClass.com laid dormant, with its new owners in no rush to update the domain. Now, a new year has brought new life to WorldClass.com as a new venture has been launched around the name.

The new venture, stylized as WorldClass, aims to discover and share hidden treasures around the world. Those treasures come in the form of foods discovered while traveling the globe and are presented as curated collections.

While the website looks like it’s still under development in certain parts, it seems like the plan will be to offer those curated food collections for sale via its website or through partnerships with various restaurants.

The WorldClass.com domain name screams luxury and will offer a perfect launchpad for the business.

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