Your 2021 Domain Checklist – 9 Things You Should Do Immediately

Start 2021 in the right way by making a move to get your domain name portfolio in order. Here, I’ve compiled a checklist of what you may want to consider doing with your domain portfolio at the start of 2021.

Review your 2020 sales – what worked, what didn’t?

Take some time to look back at the last year. What went well for you and your portfolio? What could you improve in 2021? What would you like to do differently? Are there any portfolio experiments that you’d like to consider trying?


Check WHOIS data

This is an opportune time to check your WHOIS data for your domain names. Up to date WHOIS data is an ICANN requirement, so ensure that you have current, correct information listed for your names at your registrar.


Check registrar security settings

Whilst you are logged in to your registrar account checking your WHOIS data, consider checking your registrar security settings. Do you have a strong registrar password? Do you have two-factor authentication switched on? Does your registrar offer any other security solutions that you can take advantage of to ensure your names are secure in your account?


Consider consolidating registrars

Many domain investors hold names at several different registrars. You may want to consider moving names to one specific registrar.


Check expiry dates

Whilst in your registrar account(s), check the expiry dates of your domain names. Are there any coming up for renewal soon?


Decide which domains you will keep

If you do have names coming up for renewal, this is the perfect time to decide whether you’re going to keep them for another year or let them expire.


Check renewal settings

Consider checking your renewal settings, too. You may have some domains set on auto-renewal that you don’t want to continue paying for. Alternatively, you may have some domains that you do want to renew which you can turn on the auto-renew setting for.


Check nameservers

Are your domain names all pointing to the right websites or marketplaces?


Check asking prices and BIN

If you have listed your domain names on various marketplaces, check the domain listing settings for those marketplaces. Do you have the right asking prices or buy now (BIN) prices set? Do you need to change your pricing for 2021?


If you have any other suggestions for measures a domain investor can take at the start of 2021, comment below.

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