Rick Schwartz’s $935,000 GoBet.com Sale Looks Complete as the Domain Moves to Manila

On December 21st, 2020, legendary domain investor Rick Schwartz announced his latest in a sizable line of impressive sales; GoBet.com.

In a tweet on December 21st, 2020, Rick revealed that the domain had entered escrow. The actual total sales price, as disclosed by Rick, was $935,000 including commission fees, with Rick clearing $850,000:

Just before the end of 2020, Rick subsequently confirmed on Twitter that he had now received the funds, and the domain name was being released:


The name has now transferred to a GoDaddy account, seemingly signifying that the deal has been completed. There is little information available about the buyer at the moment, but WHOIS does show that the new registrant is based in Manila, Philippines.

The name is currently not resolving to anything more than a generic registrar page, but after paying $935,000 to acquire the name, the new owners will likely not allow the name to be dormant for long.

If GoBet.com qualifies for DNJournal’s 2020 domain sales chart, it will rank as the second-largest deal behind the $1,080,000 Bullish.com sale.

If it instead qualifies for the first DNJournal chart of 2021, the $935,000 sale will be a challenging one to beat if 2020’s sales record is anything to go by.

The sale of GoBet.com is the second-largest publicly disclosed “bet” keyword sale in history, according to NameBio. The largest? Rick Schwartz’s own $1.35 million sale of eBet.com.


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