Was the $1,080,000 Buyer of

After selling last year for $1,080,000, the domain name has laid dormant in a MarkMonitor account. The WHOIS information currently shows generic registrar details, obscuring the identity of the owner. With the name being the subject of such a monumental sale, many have been curious about the buyer of’s identity.

Yesterday, I suggested that a company called may have been the buyer of This was due to some noticeable patterns and similarities between and the company’s record-breaking $30 million acquisition of in 2019. Accompanied by recent activity on’s EOS token network and you have a strong case for being the buyer.

Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly, an expert domain researcher, managed to expand on this and confirmed that the domain had indeed been acquired by

Jamie kindly shared this research technique with me, which I was able to use, confirming what Jamie had seen.

It is unclear what will eventually use for, but movements on’s EOS token exchange may suggest the name will be used in conjunction with’s own EOS network.

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