Buyer Revealed

Earlier this week, domain investor James Booth announced that he sold the domain for $105,500.

The deal, facilitated by SquadHelp, is a payment plan sale that will be worth $105,500 once all monthly payments are complete. With this name potentially becoming the third-largest publicly disclosed .io sale of all time, according to NameBio, the identity of the buyer is certainly of interest.

It looks as though the buyer of has wasted no time in using the domain. As of publishing, visiting displays a website for Rush Answer, a brand that little is known about.

According to Rush Answer’s LinkedIn page, the company “offers fast and affordable service which helps people getting Answers to their Questions via connecting one-on-one live with experts in all Industries e.g, lawyers, doctors, tech support, vets and more.”

Rush Answer does own, a domain it acquired a couple of years ago from As I said, little is known about Rush Answer, but it looks like a project in the early stages of development.

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