After Purchase, IntisTele Will Offer Subdomains in New Venture

In July 2020, British SMS company IntisTele acquired the domain for a reported £187,200 (around $242,000 at the time of the sale).

The sale made sense as a shorter, more accessible version of the difficult to spell, and the company quickly started redirecting the domain to its existing website.

Just under a year after this purchase, IntisTele made another logical acquisition by buying for an undisclosed fee, although it is thought to be in the seven-figure range. IntisTele was represented in the deal by broker James Booth.

It was assumed that IntisTele would replace its domain with, or redirect it in a similar style as

Navigating to the domain today, however, shows that is the basis for an entirely new venture as its own subsidiary of IntisTele. It’s domain related, too.

Starting on November 1st, visitors to will be able to register subdomains of the name.

Domain hacks immediately come to mind, with customers potentially able to register names such as,, or

It isn’t the first time that two-letter .com domains have been used to sell subdomains. CentralNIC, another British company, operates and in a similar manner.

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