Intis Telecom Acquires

Two-letter .COM domain names have long been in the upper echelons of the domain name world, unreachable for most thanks to their scarcity and value. With Facebook previously paying $8.5 million for and domains such as trading for $8 million, these domains can be difficult to acquire, even for end-users.

One end user that has managed to acquire a two-letter .COM this week is Intis Telecom, a British communications company specializing in bulk text messaging services.  Founded in 2008 by Andrey Insarov, Intis Telecom now boasts several thousand customers around the world.

The company acquired in 2020 for $235,007, but it has gone one better this year by acquiring for an undisclosed fee. WHOIS history shows that while the name is under WHOIS privacy protection, the domain has switched nameservers with the name now redirecting to

I understand that’s acquisition was facilitated by domain broker James Booth and while details of the acquisition are unknown, it would be reasonable to suggest that this was a seven-figure deal.

Sales of two-letter, one-word .COM sales are extremely rare with few recent comparables available aside from at $8 million and at $1.2 million.

While both and currently redirect to, could a slight rebrand be in the offing now that Intis Telecom owns the right domains to switch from Intis Telecom to simply IT?

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