9 Top Domains Owned by Next Navigation: Shadow.com, Shelf.com, and More

Next Navigation of Australia owns a portfolio of single-word .com domains that would fill most investors with envy. Despite selling names such as Ribbon.com and Array.com, the company still owns some very sought after domains. Here are 9 of the top domain names owned by Next Navigation.



According to DomainIQ, this name was acquired by Next Navigation in June 2021, with the name previously used to host a gaming platform once upon a time. DotDB signifies that Shadow is a popular keyword, registered in 271 extensions and appearing in a further 35,000 domain names.



Short, generic, single, common English words can make for great brand names. Taking a look a Crunchbase will show you just how trendy single-word brand names are. Search for long enough and you’ll find several companies named Shelf, who would likely benefit from this domain. One example is Shelf, the knowledge automation platform that raised $52.5 million in August 2021.



Four-letter words are hard to come by for investors and can be costly for end-users to acquire. NameBio lists the likes of Able.com, Fume.com, and Wolf.com all selling for six-figures each in 2021, with some selling for far more. Plot.com is a versatile name that could be used within mapping, drawing, or real estate to name just three niches or industries.



An exact-match product name and another common, four-letter word. DomainIQ’s WHOIS history suggests that domain may have been acquired by Next Navigation in mid-late 2020. Prior to this, the domain was featured in both NameExperts and Media Options brokerage newsletters.



Exact-match, animal .com domains retain plenty of value thanks to their versatility and easy adoption as brands. Puma.com, Jaguar.com, and Goat.com are three prominent examples of exact-match animal domains associated with leading brands. Could Moose.com follow?



While Ignite.com may be considered to be a better name, I think Ignition.com is one of the stand out names from Next Navigation’s portfolio. Crunchbase seems to agree, too, with the company database listing 60 companies that use “Ignition” as part or all of the brand name.



Like animal domains, exact-match zodiac domain names can make for excellent brands. Gemini, the popular cryptocurrency exchange that operates on Gemini.com, is a prime example. Capricorn.com, then, is another empty-vessel domain example from the Next Navigation portfolio.



Registered in 1993, Latitude.com was owned by Cisco thanks to its $80 million purchase of Lattitude Communications in 2003. Cisco sold Latitude.com in 2018 for an undisclosed fee. Latitude is most commonly known as a geographical term to measure the distance north or south of the equator in degrees.



Steve Jobs famously said that Apple was named so partly because it would appear before Atari in the phone book. Very few words, though, appear before aardvark! Aardvark, defined as a large burrowing nocturnal animal, is a word used as a brand name by 21 companies in the Crunchbase database. Included within the 21 is a former startup named Aardvark that was acquired by Google. That Aardvark settled for Vark.com, rather than Aardvark.com.


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