Is Debtsy about to rebrand to Brent Oxley’s former domain,

Months of the year can make for great, versatile brand names. From luggage manufacturer July at to smart lock creator August at, many companies have opted for a month as a brand name.

Is another company about to join those ranks?

Founded in 2016, Debtsy is a debt resolution platform operating on At the end of December 2021, the company announced the completion of a Series A funding round, although the terms haven’t been disclosed.

Will the company’s funding round precede a rebrand?

In September 2021, I noticed that moved under Whois privacy protection from NameCheap to Google Domains. The name was subsequently transferred to Amazon’s registrar. was previously owned by Brent Oxley. The founder and hosting entrepreneur purchased the name for $107,000 at the beginning of 2020. The name pointed to Oxley’s Efty marketplace until September 2021.

Now, redirects visitors to, the official website of Debtsy. Looking into this further, I discovered that Debtsy filed a certificate of amendment to change its company name from Debtsy, Inc. to January Technologies, Inc. in October 2021.


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