Dune CEO: “We now have a pretty baller location on the interwebz: dune.com”

Dune Analytics, a Web 3 data platform, has undergone both a name and a domain change.

In February 2022, Jamie Zoch discovered that Dune.com was on the move, with the domain landing in the hands of Dune Analytics, a Norwegian company founded in 2018.

The acquisition of Dune.com coincided with a $69.4 million Series B funding round that valued the company at $1 billion.

For a while, Dune Analytics did nothing with the name aside from Rickrolling Dune.com visitors. Recently, though, Dune tweaked its name and deployed the new domain name.

Dune Analytics has become Dune and has switched to Dune.com in the process.

A blog post announcing the change suggests that Dune wanted to be simply known as Dune from launch, but the lack of an available domain prompted them to switch to Dune Analytics:

“…we needed to get an available domain so we became Dune Analytics and found a home at duneanalytics.com.”

Despite acquiring Dune.xyz recently, Dune went one step further and bought Dune.com. It has sound reasoning for doing this:

“You can now find the data flowing at dune.com. While we honestly quite liked our former home at dune.xyz we want to bring trusted web3 data to the masses. A neat 4 letter .com domain is the right place to do just that.”

Dune co-founder and CEO Fredrik Haga confirmed the move on LinkedIn:

“We don’t have an office but we now have a pretty baller location on the interwebz: dune.com

To us the new name of Dune and our new home at dune.com is a symbol of what crypto and we have grown into, but also a symbol of the ambitions we have for the future when we are going to make web3 data broadly accessible to millions of users.”

The ultra-premium Dune.com matches the ambitions of this young Unicorn company and provides the ultimate foundations to bring Web3 data to the masses at a trusted destination.

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  1. Dune(.)com has an incredible rich link history and organic market saturation from the novel and movie series.

    Unlimited traffic into perpetuity.

    Great upgrade.


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