$400,000 WorldClass.com Buyer Also Acquired Canadian.com for $269,000, Plus Japanese.com and More

Last year, domain investor Braden Pollock reported the sale of WorldClass.com for $400,000, ranking number 34 on DNJournal’s list of top 100 sales for 2021.

Scrolling down DNJournal’s chart 20 places shows the $269,000 sale of Canadian.com, which sold via GoDaddy’s Uniregistry brand using Afternic’s escrow service.

What’s interesting is that these two names were acquired by the same company, along with another descriptive country domain, Japanese.com.

The same company also looks to have acquired Agentine.com from DigiMedia in 2020. It also owns Chilean.com, Portuguese.com, and Uruguayan.com.

WorldClass.com, LLC, a Texas-based setup, is behind the acquisition of these domains, but what is it doing with them?

WorldClass.com aims to discover and share hidden treasures from around the world. Those treasures come in the form of foods discovered while traveling the globe and are presented as curated collections.

As for the company’s country domains, Japanese.com hosts a curated culinary collection containing the likes of wagyu beef, rice, and seafood while Argentine.com will offer products including olive oil, wine, and cheese, presumably sourced from Argentina. As of publishing, Chilean.com, Portuguese.com, Uruguayan.com, and Canadian.com redirect to WorldClass.com.

Update (April 26): The company also looks to have acquired Scottish.com – thanks to Chris in the comments for pointing that out.

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