GoDaddy Testing New Landing Page Design (Pictures)

Alongside working on a beta version of the Afternic marketplace and redesigning the domain portfolio manager, it seems that GoDaddy is also testing a new landing page design.

The new landing page offers a darker color scheme and less wording. GoDaddy’s brokers have disappeared from the new landing page, too. For reference, here is the current, widely adopted BIN landing page on offer.


In contrast, here is the desktop version of the new landing page with the new darker color scheme and the removal of much of the text compared with GoDaddy’s current offering.

The company has, naturally, ensured that the design is scalable, meaning that it works well on various devices. Here is how the new landing page may look on a mobile device.

The new landing page design seems to be sporadically available for some domain names currently using Afternic nameservers, suggesting that GoDaddy is testing the performance of the landing pages across their network.

What do you think of the design?

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