Logistics Platform Loop Acquired Loop.com

A brand new logistics payment platform has secured one of the best four-letter .com domains around.

Loop, which has been operating under the radar since 2021, offers a platform that aims to simplify logistics payments through data sorting, invoicing technology, and auditing software.

The fintech company’s website, based at Loop.com, has recently gone online with both myself and Jamie Zoch spotting the domain’s usage this week.

The Loop.com domain changed hands last year in a deal brokered by Joe Uddeme of NameExperts. The name moved under Whois privacy protection to corporate registrar SafeNames and remained inactive until July 2022.

It’s unknown whether Loop secured Loop.com last year, or whether the domain has changed hands since its sale last year. The name remains at SafeNames under Whois privacy protection.

Loop is an extremely common brand name, with Crunchbase listing 267 companies that use the Loop name, with hundreds more listed at LinkedIn. Among the companies branded as Loop is Loop Industries, a publicly traded firm tackling plastic waste, operating on LoopIndustries.com.

Owning the exact-match domain Loop.com helps logistics company Loop to stand out from the crowd both in its own industry and among the other brands named Loop.

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