Top 7 Domains Owned by PA Gordon:,,, and More

Philip Gordon is someone that I don’t know much about, but last month I came across his name twice in two days, firstly discovering that he sold in early 2020, then he sold in May 2020. Both of these may have sold via Sedo broker Dave Evanson, like those two, along with many other domains owned by Mr. Gordon, are parked at Sedo with a page that contains Dave’s contact details.

I started to wonder about Gordon’s other domain names, and it turns out that he has a highly valuable portfolio. According to DomainIQ, he owns around eighty names, all .COM’s that were registered in the late ’90s. Here, I’ve picked my top names from his portfolio.

How much is a three-letter word .COM worth? According to NameBio, this name could carry a six to seven-figure price tag, as the likes of,, and have all sold for seven-figure fees in the past and,, and have all sold at six-figures each.

Dad, the commonly used abbreviation for Father, is used surprisingly often as a business name with LinkedIn showing over 4,000 company results for “dad.” Aside from being a one-word domain, could be used as an acronym for something like “Digital Ad.”

We have a few direct sales comparisons to value, with sold in 2008 for $21,000, and sold at Sedo for $3,264 in January 2020. It remains a popular keyword, however, with “dad” registered in 212 extensions.

Even the famous domain registrar uses a form of the word “dad,” GoDaddy.

This domain was the subject of a frivolous UDRP as TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited of India unsuccessfully went after the domain. “TVs” is the plural of the world-famous initialism for the television. With around 23 years of ownership, PA Gordon has likely profited immensely from the type-in traffic of visitors trying to find and purchase a TV.

There would be any number of end-users for this domain that would pay a significant sum to be able to control one of the most valuable generic domains in the television market.

Even after selling and this year, PA Gordon still owns some short, punchy one-word .COM domains and is one of the best examples of this. For Windows users, the word “Paint” is possibly synonymous with Microsoft’s Paint software that has developed somewhat of a cult following.

Microsoft never acquired, which is surprising given their acquisitions of the likes of and, but there are still thousands of potential end-users for this name. Aside from the 36,000 companies listed in LinkedIn for the keyword “Paint,” short one-word .COM’s are highly fashionable for well-funded startups.

PA Gordon owns several exact-match country .COM domains, including,, and, but this one may be one of the most valuable. Aside from the apparent potential uses as a tourism portal for the United States, this name could have some political clout. is (as of writing) forwarding to a political message board. Could you imagine how the US Democrats or Republicans would put this name to use?

There are many examples of one-word .COM’s in PA Gordon’s portfolio, so why have I chosen this one? is a high-class single word domain that could be used in several different industries and niches. In fact, looking at the potential buyer pool for this domain on LinkedIn, I can see several large companies with thousands of employees each who are using “Signature” in their company name.

Aside from this, I believe that as the future unfolds, we’ll see more companies turning to online document signing and innovations with the signing and witnessing of legal documents. would be the perfect name for a company revolutionizing that sector.

If could be used for political motives, then these next two domains certainly could be. PA Gordon owns the domain. With November 2020 due to host one of the most discussed US Presidential elections in recent memory and more people than ever online, a domain like could be an authoritative domain for either Democrats or Republicans.

We saw in 2019 that Mark Cuban acquired the domain for an undisclosed fee (thought to be in the six-figure range), so how much could be sold for?

Another powerhouse political domain name that PA Gordon owns is The domain redirects to the same political messageboard that forwards to. Like, it could be a potent name for a candidate to use within a political campaign, especially a Presidential campaign.

Alongside, PA Gordon also owns, a name that is often synonymous with Republicans. Interestingly, the British Conservative Party owns and operates the plural,



Aside from these names that I’ve picked out, PA Gordon does own names such as:


Which is your favorite?

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  1. This may easily be the best quality portfolio in existence. He has a mere 80 domains with the few u listed at least three are 7 figures no question. The man is clearly an industry king.. Sorry Rick Schwartz lol..


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