Buyer Revealed

In 2009, Rick Schwartz announced his sale of for $3 million. The buyer, G&J Holdings, built into a premier distributor of candy products, with SimilarWeb estimating that receives around 72,500 visitors per month.

Throughout’s development, Schwartz reportedly received royalties and kept a 10% ownership stake.

Over a decade on, and has been sold again.’s Elliot Silver broke the news after noticing that moved into an escrow holding account operated by attornies Greenberg & Lieberman LLC.

Details of the sale, facilitated by Andrew Miller and’s Amanda Waltz, have not been disclosed, but WHOIS has updated to show the buyer.

According to WHOIS, the new owner is Candy Digital Inc. of New York.


After some research, it turns out that Candy Digital Inc. is a brand new company, with paperwork filed in New York City on March 19, 2021. It seems, then, that a new company has been formed with in mind.

Will Candy Digital Inc. develop into an e-commerce store? As of writing, the domain name doesn’t resolve, but I’d be surprised if it stays that way for long.

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